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4 Of The Most Expensive Fragrances In The World - Creed Fragrances

Since ancient times, natural fragrances and perfumes have been around. These perfumes bring evocative and pleasant smells to living spaces hair and skin. It is only since the 1800s, however, that we've had the capacity to create perfumes as we know them today. In modern society, both men and women wear cologne and perfume; it's a luxury market, and people generally expect to hand over a pretty penny for a beautifully decorated bottle and a classy fragrance. It's a safe gift choice and an indulgence that remains popular even in recessionary times.  Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien ' $441.18 Per Ounce

 Eau d'Hadrien was launched in 1981 and can be used by both men and women. This most expensive perfume is a citrus fragrance, with ingredients including mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, aldehydes, extracts from a plant grown in Madagascar called ylang ylang, citron and cypress. The perfume gained immense popularity and prominence in when it was in the Fragrance Foundation's Hall of Fame at the FiFi Awards in 2008.

 JAR Bolt Of Lightning ' $765 Per Ounce

 The acronym for JAR is Joel A. Rosenthal, the person solely responsible for designing one of the most popular perfumes in the world. Each of these bottles have been specially hand cut and designed. This fragrance has been marketed by Rosenthal as having the smell of air just after a lightning strike. This perfume has an oriental fragrance which is specially for women. The ingredients included in the fragrance are the freshly cut plants, smell of mature flowers, tuberose, musk, ripe fruit and hint of green notes.

 Joy By Jean Patou ' $800 Per Ounce

 This amazing fragrance has been launched in 1936, and has gone to become one of the most expensive perfume ever created. It was voted the 'Scent of the Century' by the Fragrance Foundation at the 2000 FiFi Awards. oy is exemplary of the floral genre, and was designed to lift people's spirits during the Great Depression. An unprecedented 10,000 jasmine flowers and 336 roses are required to create just a single ounce, adding to its sky-high price.

 Caron Poivre ' $1,000 Per Ounce

 Caron Poivre established in 1904 is one of the most popular perfume companies. This fragrance is described as a unisex perfume i.e. for both men and women. This perfume is bottled in a limited edition Baccarat crystal bottle with a white-gold collar. The perfume contains a variety of spices including red and black pepper and hints of clove. Caron has fiery and spicy scent.